The Home Buying Process


Buying a Home

You know what you want.  We know how to help you get it.  Whether it's your first townhome, a historic home, or a brand new dream home, we know the right places to look, the right questions to ask, and the right way to protect you in the purchase.  Below are some myths and facts about working with a Realtor when purchasing your new home.

Myth: You can save money by not using a Realtor for new construction.

Fact: It does not cost the buyer anything to use a Realtor.  In fact, a Realtor can save you money because he or she represents you, not the builder!

Myth: I can negotiate a better deal by not working with a realtor.

Fact: If a home is multiple listed, the seller is paying commission no matter what.  You may as well have someone representing you and leading you through the contract process.  In fact, with their vast experience in home sales, Realtors can offer invaluable negotiating advice when making an offer that will appeal to a seller while getting you the best possible deal.

Myth: I don't need a Realtor's sales contract to purchase a home.  I can just pull something off the internet.

Fact: A home is the biggest purchase you will make.  Protect your investment by protecting yourself and making sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed before signing on the dotted line.  A Realtor is there to make sure your interest is properly represented and protected.

The Buying Process

Below are the steps in the buying process.  Let us take the worry out of the journey by helping you through each and every step.

  1. Consult mortgage Lender

  2. Locate New Home

  3. Write contract

  4. Loan application (1-3 days)

  5. Choose title company (1-3 days)

  6. Home inspection (within 14 days)

  7. Request repairs (if applicable)

  8. Coordinate moving company or storage facility

  9. Obtain homeowners' insurance

  10. Final walk through

Common concerns we can help with:

  • What's more important - APR or APY?  And how do I find a trustworthy lender?

  • Should I get a mold inspection?

  • What do other homes in this area sell for?  Am I paying too much?

  • Where can I stay while my home is being built?

  • Is it possible to stay in my current home until my new home is ready?

  • Who should I choose to inspect my home?

  • What if the appraisal is lower than expected?

  • What if the seller tries to back out of the contract?

  • How much do I need to put down?